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Taylor Rhodes 4th hour 2/15/13 Mrs.Pollock L.A. Impossible Love, Ruth VanderBush For a while now I have been reading an amazing, interesting,romantic book known as Impossible Love by Ruth VanderBush. It’s very detailed and amazingly descriptive, and it’s about a high school senior, Makenzie. She fell in love with her English teacher, and as everyone knows a teacher­student relationship is forbidden. How will this impossible love last? In my book the setting was very evident. The time was modern, around 2012 and the place was at Rosewood High School and the main character’s (Makenzie) house. An example of this was “I can’t wait for you to meet my parents! Come over to my house around 6:30.” Makenzie said (96). This shows that Harry, Makenzie’s boyfriend and English teacher, was going to come over to Makenzie’s house and spend time there and get to know her parents. The other setting, Rosewood High, was also very evident clearly stating where she was. “Here it goes, another day at Rosewood High or as I like to call it, hell.” (34). This quote has fully explained that Makenzie was, and had been going to Rosewood High School. Therefore the setting has to take place at Rosewood High School, and based on modern technology, this story clearly takes place in the present time . One of the main characters, Makenzie, is a normal high school senior. She had beautiful flowing locks of golden blonde hair, she was thin, tall, and had absolutely beautiful brown orbs, and all together she was absolutely stunning. “‘She was unspeakably beautiful I could not take my eyes off of her’” (37). Makenzie was truly beautiful, many people had noticed it, proving that her beauty was true. Harry, another main character., had just as much beauty to him. He had beautiful soft brown curls that flopped perfectly. He also had powerful green orbs, he was thin, tall and altogether an stunning man. “‘I heard there’s this really cute new teacher, but I have not saw him anywhere!’ Kelsey said, I shrugged and headed into English class. As we walked in, there stood an absolutely stunning man, he had curls and green eyes, he was perfect. ‘I think you have found him’ I whispered to Kelsey.” Harry was beautiful, Makenzie described him perfectly, perfect, he had no flaws, except one, he fell in love with his student. These two characters I felt were the main ones because the story evolves around them. The conflict is character vs. society, in this story the student and teacher develop a relationship that has to stay a secret. “‘This has to stay a secret between you and I because if the school board finds

out I could loose my job.’”(79). Makenzie and Harry have to keep their relationship a secret because if anyone finds out