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Friendless, alienated, lonely. These words describe thousands of students in our current education system. As a young child, my parents faced multiple financial issues which left our family no other choice but to periodically move from place to place. What did this mean to me? This meant going new school without the knowledge of whether I would find my niche in that school. To me, transferring to a new school was one of the most intimidating events that I have ever faced. Through these experiences, I have often felt secluded and out of place; however these events have molded me into the affable person that I am today. Second grade marked the beginning of my long and arduous journey. I went to Castaic Elementary School for Kindergarten and the first grade. In those tender years, I had many friends thus I was oblivious of the fact that others may have felt the impact of solitude. Because I was so unknowing, I was excited to hear I was going to move to Palmdale, California two months into the school year. To me at that point, a new school meant new people to play on the monkey bars with. I was extremely excited. After we had moved, I began attending Golden Poppy Elementary School. The moment I penetrated the classroom atmosphere for first time with sparkling eyes, I received many judgmental stares from the other students which obviously read “Oh...another one of those new kids”. The sparkle in my eyes turned to tears, the spark of joyness in my heart turned to chains, my enthusiasm turned to disappointment. The teacher unsuccessfully attempted to introduce me to a group of students who all seemed to know each other. The following two weeks felt as like years. No one wanted to accept me into his or her peer group. This was the day alienation had crashed into my life at full throttle. After expressing my afflictions to my parents, I eventually transferred to a school called Westside Christian School. The environment there was dramatically different. Deep within me, I could sense an aura of cordiality. From the first day Westside Christian, a plethora of students came up to greet me and make me feel at home. I felt accepted again. I felt home again. I would attend Westside for the rest of the second grade. Then again, at the end of the school year, my parents told me that we would move to Northridge, CA. I wanted to withdraw into a cocoon and seclude myself. However, this time I had a slight tingling in my bones that it would not be so bad. After we had moved, I began attending Andasol Elementary School. The transition had been fairly smooth. My closest friend at Andasol, Matthew, soon moved away. Solitude had crept upon me once more. Contrasting from the last time I felt unaccepted, I tried my best to fit into a different group of people and to some degree, I succeeded in doing so. I continued to attend Andasol until my parents told me at the end of 5th grade that we would move back to Castaic for middle school. After I began attending Castaic Middle, I once again faced many difficulties while attempting to adjust to this new school. Throughout my middle school years, with the help of the Lord, I was able to build a good reputation with my teachers and good relationships with many other students. By the end of the 8th grade, I was prepared to go to Valencia High School. I was glad to hear that all of my friends would go to Valencia High School as well. I had finished registering and all of my classes were set at the school. Mid-summer, my parents told me that they wanted me to advance in my musical career so they wanted me to go to West Ranch High School where there was an orchestra. At first I opposed because I had worked so hard at being accepted all for what? I was