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Cutting out the arts in public schools
Cesar Perez
First Composition, English102
November 06, 2013

Music and Arts
Creativity can be measured in several different ways. Writing a beautiful and inspirational poem or book can be considered creativity. Playing and instrument in a band or, singing in a choir or, even drawing can be also considered creativity. Students in schools use these different ways of creativity that there school has to offer to express themselves and enjoy themselves. Imagine a school without any creativity or, ways for the students to express themselves. Many schools are either taking music and arts out of schools or even cutting out the whole program. Many school administrators believe that art and music are a waste of time and many students should spend their time studying. Others believe that the budget for keeping the program is to high and its worth to cut it. Music and arts are a way students could express themselves and enjoy themselves. The government or school administrators should have no right to cut or take out anything that can help a student in the future or even something a student may enjoy. Music and arts should be kept in schools and should not be cut out of schools.
Schools affected To begin many schools did begin to start to cut out music and arts out of the school for example nine years ago of Churchill High School, The High School did not have enough money in the budget to keep music and arts an actual class. The cut of the classes left many music and art teachers without a job. Another school that did not have a lot of money to fund the arts and music program is the Rocky Mountain Public School in Colorado. Due to low funding “arts and cultural offerings [are] often the first to go” (Resmovitts) because, schools don’t have enough money to keep the program going. Many schools like in Kansas need to also cut out cultural activities that are part of student’s culture like Native American Dancing Groups and Native American singers. Keeping an art and music class comes up to be very pricey. “Electives came at a cost of $512 per pupil” (Roza) or student which comes in second to a foreign language. Another school that was affected is North West Side Elementary School. North West Side Elementary school cut out all of its band program. North West Side Elementary school also made full time drama and dance teachers part time. Many cuts were made and lost six hundred dollars in budget cuts. It is very understandable why schools will cut the arts it is very expensive to keep this program going.
Many people argue that keeping these classes are very expensive. Its costs almost five hundred and twelve dollars to keep an elective which will include art and music results and, all the classes and student taking this class. These results were taken by a small western district. Science came close behind in four hundred forty six dollars then English with four hundred thirty four. People will argue that English and science classes are more important to keep then any elective including music and art. Money is very important to keep and have when running a school. School administrators want to cut out anything that seems pricey and reduce it. Music and arts are very expensive to keep out of all the classes. These classes might need new instruments for band class. Another class may need paint brushes and paper for art class. Many band and art teachers sometimes provide their own instrument and utensils for their classes but, it is very expensive. Many parents believe that the music and art programs are only time wasters. That these classes are very pointless to keep if they only waste time and waste so much money. Around ninety five percent of “schooled aged students are attending a school that have cut funding” (Hawkings) The argument is that music should be cut out of schools and should not be allowed because it wastes time that students should be