High School Essay

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Baylee Heller
Mr. Perin
Etymology, Block 4
12 September 2012
High School
High school is something that every elementary kid can’t wait to experience. It seems to them that high school is some sort of utopia. In all reality it is just what every individual makes of it. Once the elementary school days are over, and you’ve graduated from middle school, you’re just one step away to getting that trophy you’ve been looking forward to. The new freshmen walk in the front doors energetic and nervous. At the same time seniors walking in on their first last day, nauseated as ever, are ready to go back home. High school can be tough at times, but in the long run it’s a significant memory that lasts forever. After the first day of school is past, the sympathy for the freshman starts to decline. They are told that the senior circle is not to be stepped on by any other class but the senior class. It symbolizes that they practically run the school, and that the school year is surrounded by them. Being a freshman and walking down the senior hallway could be a problem. They are basically the idiots for the school year. After the first semester is over, the antipathy starts to turn into little or nothing for the freshman.
The rest of the school year seems to fly by for the most part. In just four years the freshman are walking down the aisle on graduation day. That seems like a long period of time, but with the help of fall sports, winter sports, and spring sports, the days just can’t get any shorter. Cheering on your fellow classmates out on the court with a big group of friends has to be one of the best highlights of high school. Screaming to school chants until your esophagus feels like it might fall apart is something everyone should be a part of.