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Table Of Contents • Activity 28 : reflecting on your writing process

• Activity 1 : Quick write and Discussion

• Activity 2 : Activating Prior Knowledge

• Activity 3 : Exploring Key Concepts

• Activity 8 : Responding To Perez

• Activity 9b: Intellectual Reflection

• Activity 11 : Reading for understanding-stop and respond

• Activity 12 : Thinking Critically three chunks

• Activity 13: Summarizing and responding letter

• Activity 20 :summarizing research findings FAQ

• Activity 22 :Condersing the writing task brainstorm

• Activity 24: composing a draft worksheet

Final Personal Statement.Letter Of introduction

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Activity 8: Responding to Perez

In Article I Read that Perez wrote that many people such as college students special try so hard to be special. Because many college students want to get into the best schools so many of the students lie. Why do students lie? Students lie because they think it’ll make a good way and resume of what they have for them to look a certain way and if they lie they’ll be able to impress the professor there at there college which actually doesn’t impress them. Perez talks about how he actually gets more impressed with the students who are actually more really with what they talk about and what they really want to say and do and how they would really want to persuade college and those students he feels are more realistic and better than who lie about how a certain GPA or even how they have done community work and such other things. There has been one time where I thought I had to be perfect and by that was when I use to play basketball I thought everything had to be perfect or else I wasn’t a good enough player. The way that I would try was calling names to other players on the other side of the court which really wasn’t good it really didn’t help me out by doing and by that being said next I want to persuade something like that I should just be more honest about it . for example if im not good AT it I should stop and try something else because not only was I hurting me I was also hurting the basketball team and that really wasn’t a good thing.

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Activity 9b:

Being As an intectual ,smart ,dedicated, and something being such as street smart I consider myself. Although I consider myself those things there are many more things that are the opposite of that, that actually keep me from being that certain way. I consider myself an intecual because I know the value of “knowing stuff” and also perhaps generate for our future America. Because the future America really depends on us teenagers and what we persuade and do in life even if that means making really stupid decisions that later we regret in life. It also leans on having a brighter more excelling future as having more techonlogy that we can use to make our future brighter. It really doesn’t matter if we are book smart or street smart because either or both of those help us in our everyday life even if we don’t see it that way it actually does and that’s a really good thing. if it was for the good and bad we have right we wouldn’t be making the progress it like suffering from hunger, usa hitting poverty ad dealing with war of Syria . I consider my myself and intecual and it may not seem like it but like mty mom said don’t judge a book by its cover, it what they bring to the table and give it all my luck as much as I can I try .

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Activity 12: Thinking Critically Three chunks Final Draft

Perez ideas are very different to Graff ideas. Because there personal work and going to school is very difficult. Because people are hardly able to maintain themselves and juggling work shifts then school for some hours can be very stressful. Raffs ideas indicate that