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Policies and Procedures
Print this out for reference. Check here for answers before you email with questions. Academic Integrity
Please remember that honesty is important in any academic course. By participating in an Apex Learning course, you have agreed to our Student Code of Conduct. Incidents of suspected plagiarism (copying work from other students, submitting information directly from Internet sources, etc.) will be taken seriously and reported by the ALHS Teacher to the school and/or parent. Violations may result in removal from the course.

Adults Available
At least two adults will contribute significantly to your ALHS course. Your ALHS Teacher will communicate with you via email, the Message Center, phone conversations, and/or online conferencing. He or she will provide you guidance on assignments and with the subject content. Your ALHS Mentor (if you’re enrolled through a school) or your ALHS Coach (if you’re enrolled outside of a school) will be an onsite resource to encourage your progress, discuss the course content, proctor your tests. Maintain open contact with your Mentor or Coach throughout the course. Set weekly meetings with your Mentor or Coach to keep you focused. Be sure you have contact information for your Teacher and your Mentor or Coach.

Asking Questions
Your ALHS Teacher will answer your content questions, responding within 24 hours, Online Help details procedures that you’ll use in your daily work. Click on Support, top right of the Home screen, just under your name. Take some time to navigate Help. The ALHS Student Getting Started Tour introduces online processes that you’ll use during this course. For technical questions about your system—anything that concerns your computer and how it interacts with the Apex Learning program—contact our Technical Support team. They can be contacted during business hours through online chat (click the Support link on the Apex Learning course Home page), by phone at 800453-1454, choose 2 from the voice menu, or by email support@apexlearning.com. For non-technical questions, contact our ALHS Services team. They can help with enrollments, password resets, grade report requests, etc. Send a note to alhs.support@apexlearning.com or call 855-550-ALHS. For your school's expectations, check with your Mentor or Coach. Individual schools determine the frequency and manner of reporting your grades. To register for AP Exams, speak with your high school counselor.

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ALHS Policies and Procedures

Course Materials and Equipment
Some of our courses have required textbooks and/or materials. If you have not been informed by your Mentor or Coach as to when you’ll be getting your books, check the Course Materials list in Help. If your course has required materials, they will be used in the course. Mathematics. A graphing calculator is recommended for all math courses, required above Algebra 1. Science. Lab materials are identified in the Course & Lab Materials document. Find that under Course Info in Help. World Language. A working microphone is required for you to be able to complete audio assignments and exams.

Due Dates
The Calendar tab will give you a quick glance at a schedule-for-completion. Listed are ULA (Unit Lesson Activity) numbers on specific dates, designed to keep you on schedule. Due dates for all activities are in your Activity Score Report. Select the Reports Tab; click on Student Progress. Look for the column “Activity Scores and Due Dates.” Click on View. Print out the report, and keep it handy. These are target dates to keep you moving forward. The dates to note are the Unit Tests. If intermittent assignments are a few days late, this is not a problem and you do not need to notify your Teacher. All Unit work should be submitted before the Unit Test. Most units have a one week grace period before points will be deducted for activities being late; the exception being the unit before the final exam. The dates of