Essay about High School and Basketball

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My name is Jerome Foxworthy and I have been told that I will be attending chestnut street junior high school. They have chosen me to be the first African American to get an education here. I know I will miss all my old teachers, neighbors and especially my friends. I had one friend named Martin Reese, we used to go to the basketball courts everyday and play around. Basketball is my passion, I live to play basketball. Without it I don’t what I would to be honest.
After my first week at chestnut street junior high school I knew this new lifestyle would be a challenge but I know who I am, as a person I will always stay strong. However I knew that my math teacher was the assiasant coach for the school basketball team, I talked to him and they had me try out for the team. I was the best one there but I remember the head coach telling me I could not play for the school because I am an African American. The worst part is one of the best players on the team told coach I could help win the championships with my skills. I can dunk, cross up almost anyone and I can even shoot 3 pointers. I am an overall great basketball player. The coach said even though I was African American i was destined to do great.
Luckily that week I found a friend who didn’t care I was African American, he wanted me to teach him how to play basketball. As soon I met him I just knew we would be best friends. His name is Braxton Rivers. Everyone calls him bix though. I thought him basketball every day for a month