High School and Beautiful Baby Girl Essay

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HygiyfhgfMy main goal is to become a plastic surgeon and to do this I will need to attend college of course. I recently had a beautiful baby girl and would like to spend time with her, so I've decided to put college on hold at least until the spring semester. When I heard about the CNA program, I thought I should become a CNA to make good money, get acquainted with the field of medicine, and actually have a job doing something I truly love.
I dropped out of high school to obtain my GED and I knew a Burger King or Wendy's job would definitely not support me and my daughter. When you're pregnant and you have no money the main thought going through your mind is 'I have to get a job to support this kid'. So naturally when I first heard about the program this was my main reason. I looked into how much a CNA should make and that alone had me screaming 'Yes, I should become a CNA'. Then I remembered jobs I had in the past that I only wanted for money and how quickly I quit them when I got bored. I did not want to go through these six weeks of training and eventually get a job as a CNA to later find out I hate the job.
Well after I obtained my GED and saw that I was eligible for a scholarship to Hinds, my plans for becoming a plastic surgeon were back on. This is what made me fully commit to wanting to become a CNA. If I'm going to be a plastic surgeon, then I should start at a basic level in the medical field. By the time I actually have to go through my residency, I'll be more comfortable with treating patients and interacting with the nurses because I will have already been in a nurse's shoes and will know how both