High School and Carry Weapons Essay

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Weapons In High School

There are many reckless teenagers attending

the high school . They make a lot of trouble and fight in the school . The worst part is they carry weapons into the school . They could kill students , teachers and people outside the school . The common problem is the lack of respect of rules to the gavernment and the hight school . There are many solutions for weapons in high school are make program for prevent carry weapons , metal detec machine , consequences .

Those teenagers who carry weapons in high school are dangerous; how can we make them stop ? Provide a program for the students at the beginning of each school year . The program include prevent carry weapons in the school and the dander cause by weapons . Also, make strict rules for the teenagers who carry weapons to the school , which will ban them from the school .

The second solution is bring , metal detector machine, in the school and provide many posters are showing for the students don't carry weapons in the school . Every day when the students come to school they pass through the machine of metal detector . Whoever were they guilty students or ineccant .the official of the high school will makes them pass through the machine . The machine gives warning by sound if somebody has weapons . Then they will make sour nobody carry weapons into the school.

The last solution , is to kickout students from the school . these students who bring weapons even if they know that's