high school and college Essay

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High School and College
One key step to a successful transition from high school to college is to anticipate and be prepared for the differences between the two settings. Students will notice a difference in social life, homework, and attendance. The first difference between high school and college is the social atmosphere. In high school, the facility is usually smaller, and students are, for the most part, well acquainted with each other. In addition, students in high school have the same six hour 7:45AM to 1:45 PM day, thus helping them to know one another better. In college [insert comma. In my letter, I address this] people are constantly coming and going, therefore, rarely see the same person twice in a day, which accounts for fewer people being acquainted with each other. The second difference between high school and college is the policies about homework. In high school, homework is required to help motivate students to study. Knowing they have to submit assignments in algebra or history gives students an incentive to keep up with these subjects. In college, most homework consists of studying; very little of it is written and turned in. If students do their homework, it is to their advantage; if they do not, the teachers will not force them to do it. The third and last difference between high school and college is the attendance policies. In high school, students must attend class to get assignments and personal help in a certain area. Furthermore, high school