Overcoming A Bad Path In Middle School

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I was going down a bad path in middle school, while I was living with my dad. I was doing bad things and being a bad person. I wont go into to details because I don’t want you to think differently of me, but it got so bad that I was forced to live with my mom. And for awhile I hated it, living with her, her in general, because I missed my old friends and my old school. I thought that if I complained enough or was moody enough they’d let me move back. Well I didn’t. I was forced to go to a new school, which mad me really mad and sad. So for the first 2 weeks I was really antisocial and gave people dirty looks because I was very resentful of everything. I didn’t know these people, I didn’t grow up with them like I did with my other friends. I didn’t share memories or stories or laughs with anyone like I did with my old friends. But during those two weeks, another girl who was new to the school reached out to me and we became friends. And then I met her friends and then their friends and so on so forth. I got to know a lot of people, and even though they weren’t my old friends they weren’t so bad. They were decent people. I started acting better, I was nicer and happier and got into the school. I was even voted most school spirited. I took asb to run the school activities and to get to know more people who were really cool. Yes there were stuck up snobby people, but there was only a few out of the whole school. And once high school came everyone seemed to mellow out and become more real. And the people I once resented I am now friends with. There are still some who I’m not friends with, but we still know each other at least. And because I let go of my resentment, my anger, my sadness, of my past and way of thinking, I became great friends with a lot of good people. Now there are people who I know and who I don’t who come to me for advice, or they know that if there’s something wrong ill help them, ill give them my ear to listen, my shoulder to cry on, my arms