High School and Financial Aid Essay

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This is in response to my financial aid award. Currently I am a freshman at Northwest Vista College. I have a concern. FAFSA calculates how much a student will get rewarded with based on the parent’s income. However, parents do not always contribute to their children’s tuition, which is my case. My mother makes $18 an hour; nevertheless, she did not contribute to my tuition. My tuition was paid out of my pocket. I started job hunting when I realized I would not be receiving any financial aid. I was not expecting that. Six flags started me off with weekends, and then moved me up to full time, 70-80 hours a week, 12 hours a day. During my high school years I maintained excellent grades, and exceptional attendance. My concern is that financial aid should be based on academics as well. I am aware that financial aid is not a scholarship; however, I do not believe that any one should be denied financial aid if they have excellent grades. Many people that receive awards do not always have brilliant grades, yet they still manage to get some financial help towards their education. Perhaps the money that is used on students who enter college and do not succeed could be used towards those who really have a passion to further their education. Just because parents have financial stability does not mean that they always hand it down to their children. My mother persuaded me to accomplish entering college by my motives and hard work during the summer. Currently I am still employed in order…