Essay on High School and Girls Basketball Team

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Dear Mr.Koshy, My name is Evania Prempeh, I'm 16 year of age and the youngest out of four children. I have an great personality which I could share with your grade 9 academic geography class. I'm outgoing, courageous, problem solver and love taking on challenges. It shouldn't be difficult for me to develop relationships with your students. I feel more than comfortable coming to your class because of some history me and you share. If you do recall, you were one of the teachers who assisted me in preparing for the OSSLT's which was a major success. I hope we have a successful semester and continue trusting the process. The years at Cardinal Ambrozic has been amazing, from the stages of joining numerous clubs and being introduced to different things. My grade nine year playing for the junior girls basketball team and volleyball team was astonishing and very much competitive. This being such a great experience, motivated me to push even harder. This gave me the opportunity to play for the senior girls basketball team while being a junior. Throughout this process, I learnt a life lesson which was " whatever you set your soul and mind to, you are more than likely to accomplish it with a little bit of faith". Unfortunately, there's no existing senior girls basketball team giving me the position as manager for junior girls basketball. Yes, just as any other student at Ambrozic, I did face some ups and down but that's what shaped me into the person I am today. I experienced various types of situations these three years and counting, I'm sure there are many