High School and Goal Essay example

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Short term Goals

1. Goal: Getting good grades this month like B’s and A’s
Breaking it Down: Getting good grades on test and homework and other things, like participation.
Time limit: 1 Month
Checkpoints: Checking grades daily on pinnacle
Reward: Getting into a better collage and have more opportunity for college scholarships

2. Goal: Clean my room
Breaking it Down: Doing a little bit a day
Time Limit: 2 weeks
Checkpoints: Asking my mom to check it every day
Reward: Knowing you have a clean room to know where everything is for school

3. Goal: Exercise for 60 minutes a day
Breaking it Down: Doing something that at least for 60 minutes and with a friend
Time Limit: 60 minutes every day
Checkpoints: Have a calendar to check off every day you exercise
Reward: To be more fit and you can live longer

4. Goal: Getting no detentions
Breaking it Down: being good, doing everything for every class and being on time
Time Limit: 1 month
Checkpoints: asking your teacher if you have any tarteys
Reward: Getting ten dollars

5. Goal: Saving money
Breaking it Down: Doing chores for money
Time Limit: 1 month
Checkpoints: Count your money everyday
Reward: Buying a new phone
Long Term Goals

1. Goal: Go to college
Breaking it Down: Passing every class in High School to go to college
Time Limit: 4 years or more
Checkpoints: Doing all you work in High School to go to college
Reward: Going to college, earning more money, and getting a better job

2. Goal: Get a job
Breaking it Down: Going to learn about how to become one and to see if you like it then do