High School and Good Job Essay

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Victim vs. Creator
All throughout high school I was a victim. I blamed myself and others for everything and I always had some type of excuse to not do my work. My english teacher was really hard. All of the english classes did the exact same thing but for some reason we always had a little bit of extra work and she graded really hard. I always thought “there is no way I’m going to pass this class” or “if only I had a different teacher, my senior year would so much easier and I would get straight A’s.” One day she sat me down and told me that every time I actually do my work, I do a good job and I would easily get a ‘C’ if I would just do all of the assignments. Little did I know, she was just trying to prepare us for college. Since all of my other classes were a piece of cake and I hardly had any homework in them, I thought that English was just really hard and impossible to pass. I did all my homework after that day and got an ‘A’ at the end of the year. Ever since then I have been trying to become a creator. I try and find a solution to all my problems and still find a way to complete my assignments. I still procrastinate quite a bit but I am becoming more and more of a creator as college goes on. Once I started this class, all of the excuses came to realization. Just last week, I thought “wow my math class is really hard, I am basically forced to teach myself and I just don’t get what we’re doing.” I am usually a math person so once I didn’t get it, I was confused and