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The summer of 2013 July to be exact was when I started my application process to enter GPC. I had just received my GED credential and I knew that I wanted better out of life, and GPC could offer me that as far as education. I was accepted in the fall term and started classes in August at the Dunwoody campus I still work part time managing food service restaurants and attend school full time its very hard but I wouldn’t change it for the world. My journey to GPC and my academic and career goals drive me everyday. And receiving this scholarship would really help me to achieve my goals.
My journey to GPC is a very interesting story, because I’m a nontraditional student and I stopped attending high school in 2006 when I was in the 11th grade. Leaving school was the worst mistake of my life, and I didn’t receive my GED till July of 2013. I tried for seven years after dropping out of high school to get my GED, the day that I passed that test was the greatest moment of my life at that time. And I am very appreciative of the experiences and knowledge gained while working to achieve that goal. I knew that my life had a greater purpose so; I enrolled into GPC for the fall semester to start college. Because I knew this was the only to ensure a better future for my self and my family.
Secondly, my academic and career goals are what drive me to become successful. Because I want to be an attorney and that requires me to attend law school after I receive my bachelors. Academically, I set a GPA goal for 2.5 and my first semester it was a 2.66. So the summer and fall semester of 14 I want a 3.0. It felt good to achieve this goal that I had set for myself because I know