James Donaldson Life Accomplishments

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James Donaldson Life Accomplishments * ONE CAN ALWAYS REASON WITH REASON. – Mathematicians

Born: 1941

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Life Background
James Donaldson was born on a farm in Madison County, Florida. His parents were named, Audrey Brown and Oliver Donaldson, They had three daughters and eight sons.

When Donaldson was young his Uncle Enoch Donaldson, a self-taught man, taught James how to write, read, and calculate before he had started Elementary School. Later, in High School, his math teacher encouraged him to the north to go to college and then he decided to go to Lincoln University in 1957. Donaldson was unsure of what course to study, he was interested with Biology, Studies led to engineering degree, he was even interested with Chemistry and physic, but he found mathematics to be more interesting than all. The energetic and clear mathematics teaching his Professor James Frankowsky was a great contributing factor in his decision making to major in Mathematics. In 1961, he graduated from Lincoln University with an AB degree in Mathematics. Professor Frankowsky encouraged him to pursue a graduated degree in mathematics at University of Illinois. He had received a MS in Mathematics in 1963 and 1965 he earned a Ph.D. in mathematics also.

Researched in: * North America * Africa * Asia * Europe
Donaldson had a great amount of problems he had to overcome and move on