High School and Jrotc Essay

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Cadet Kayla Anderson
Let 3
Harding University High
Charlotte, NC
“Why Did I enroll in JROTC” The reason I enrolled in JROTC was to better myself as a young person and to learn the fundamentals of the Army. When I was in the 8th grade at James Martin Middle School we had things called high school days which were when Zebulon B. Vance High school used to come over and talk to us about high school. I remember one day they came and it was their ROTC program but they have the air force program and they informed us about their program and that very moment I knew that that class interested me and that I wanted to take that class when I entered into high school. I also was interested into wearing the uniforms that they wore because I felt like I had authority and that if I kept getting ranked higher than I would be important in JROTC. When I began to register for the classes I wanted to take in high school I choose JROTC and then I came to open house and met my teacher who was First Sergeant Jeter. When I met her she made me feel welcomed and she ensured me that this program was a very good program and that I would have fun but learn as well. I learned about all the different teams they offered and all the volunteer services that we could do. At that very moment I began to like JROTC even more because it could keep me busy and me being in the IB program it would help me get my community service hours done as well. When I first began the class I learned the creed and how to