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The Change Occurred on a Brave Part-time Indian Jerry Lou

What are the Indian people like in some white people’s mind in America? Maybe they think the aboriginals are red, rude and violent. Certainly, the incorrect imagination made them dislike Indians. However, in this book, the main character named Junior went out of the reservation and changed some white people’s view of aboriginals. He used to be a timid, unconfident and pessimistic person. In contrast, after he transferred to Reardan and join the basketball in there as a freshman, he became a hopeful, brave person who full of confidence. Junior’s life changed a lot after he transferred to the new high school in Reardan. He became more confident and brave than before. In this story, when he first attended in this school, a boy named Roger bullied him by calling him some bad nicknames. That made Junior angry and punched Roger in his face. However, Roger did not fight back. Junior brave behavior made Roger respect him. There is another story in this book that helped Junoir build up his characteristics. Once Junior was taking a geology lesson, his teacher made a mistake and this incorrect knowledge would mislead the other students. Junoir pointed it out and explained the reason. Unfortunately, the teacher did not trust him because he thought he knew this fact in the reservation. At this time, the white student named Gordy stood up and supported Junior’s view. This event made Junior more confident than before and made friends with Gordy. Another story that made Junior feel confident and persist his dream is that when he had a conversation with Gordy, he told Gordy what the people in the reservation treat him now. Gordy encouraged Junior and explained the reason of why this people hate one of them become success by using his knowledge. The difficulties that he faced in the new high school helped him grow and gave him better opportunities to achieve success. New friends in Junior’s new senior high school also contributed to Junior’s changes. The first person who loved Junior named Penelope. When Junior went to the new class for the first time. She was the first person who said hi to him. That left a very good impression to Junior. Once Junior found that she was bulimic, he encouraged her. Penelope turned to cry and confided in him. After that, they became a hot couple. The second person he met named Gordy, who had a lot of knowledge and supported him when he challenged his teacher’s view. Junior asked him to make friend with him. Then they always studied and discussed together. Roger was the person who bullied Junior when he first entered the new school. And he became to respect Junior after Junior punched him. In a dance party, Roger found out that Junior was poor. But he just lent Junior some cash…