High School and Kids Essay

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Service Learning has been a great experience for me and the people I helped with. I would do it again if I get another chance. I completed 120 hours of service learning at the church I attend called Rocky Fork Church of Christ.
I helped with nursery, lock-ins, Vacation Bible School all with ages of children from 6 weeks to 13 year olds. I never said once I hated doing this learning experience. I loved the kids and helping them with activities. The nursery was with kid’s ages 6 weeks to 2 years and they were a hand full but they change so much as they grow and learn more and more every week. I actually convinced some of my friends in helping with the nursery and they did and they loved it as well. With this experience I take and know that children are a hand full but I got to keep calm and not stress the small things and let the kids live their lives.
My duties in the different things I participated included, supervising kids, participating in games, teaching classes and or lessons, and mostly keeping the kids in a positive attitude and wanting them to come for more. I feel that I achieved the expectations of my supervisor were good and he loved having me help. I still to this day help when I can at lock ins and Vacation Bible School when I am not working.
The lock-ins I helped with the past four years have been with age’s first grade to six graders. That was a wide range of kids. They are all different and knowing that they have different levels of activity it was hard to adjust with all of them. But I figured it out and helped with them and enjoyed myself. I actually learned too. I learned that little kids and older ones can get along and like each other. Sometimes they were conflict but I had to take charge and bring both kids aside and talk them through the situation. This learning experience was good in learning that everyone is different and adults and children can speak on the same level.
Now for Vacation Bible School I was a crew leader which being a crew leader means I had to lead a group of 6 children from station to station learning different bible stories on a themed lesson. I really enjoyed seeing the kids’ faces when they learned something exciting and it made me feel proud to volunteer my time to see kids grow in life. I feel that when I see kids faces light up and get excited about a topic that means they learned something new and everyone at the end of the night of bible school they all gave me hug and said thank you so much for being my crew leader. It truly made my heart melt.