High School and Lebron James Essay

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Garry Brown III
Dr. Carlisle
Composition I
1 May 2015
LeBron James

When America hears the name LeBron James, what do they think of? The greatest small forward of all time? The perfectionist? The traitor? While all of these opinions may surface in the minds of basketball fans everywhere, one idea is certain; LeBron “The King” James is one of the most talented NBA players of all time. LeBron James was born in Akron, Ohio on December 30th. 1984. He lived with his single mother, Gloria Marie James, the majority of his childhood. Without a father LeBron James’ childhood was extremely difficult to go through but sports were his escape. When he was dealing with different issues in his personal life he would reroute his energy into playing both football and basketball for his high school. He excelled in both football and basketball but basketball was his main sport in which he focused on the most. Giving back to the community, LeBron has established the LeBron James Family Foundation in 2004. LeBron James has not only dominated the world of basketball, but has transformed the world of basketball as well as school and neighborhood environments for the lives of many children. LeBron has paved the way for young promising children and has helped a number of communities via his Family Foundation, his participation in the NBA Cares Program, and his Akron I Promise Network.

By the time LeBron got to middle school, playing AAU basketball, he was already getting recruited to play basketball at St. Vincent St. Mary high school. Just fifteen years old, a freshman in high school, LeBron James averaged 18 points per game. James assisted his high school team to a Division III state title by scoring 25 points in the championship game and tales of his success spread quickly. With a second Division III state title and having been the first sophomore selected for the USA Today All-USA First Team Award amongst other awards he received going into his junior year of high school, LeBron contemplated going pro. Instead, LeBron stuck it out his last year of high school to receive his diploma also emerging as one of the NBA’s leading basketball players being the first player chosen in the 2003 NBA draft. James went on to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers and became a home-state-hero. In 2004 LeBron James founded the LeBron James Family Foundation which is set to help children and single-parent families who are in need. “Among its many programs, the organization builds playgrounds in economically disadvantaged areas and hosts an annual bike-a-thon.” (A&E Television Networks). These programs consist of; Wheels for Education, Akron I Promise Network, the LeBron Advisory Board (also known as LAB), The Boys and Girls Club of America, and the new stadium and other donations to St. Vincent St. Mary High School. All of the programs are interconnected and aim to help children to thrive in school, in sports, and in the community. This Foundation has helped and continues to help children to thrive and ultimately succeed in academics and extracurricular activities from the early years of elementary school up until graduation, helping to keep the children of Akron, Ohio off the streets and onto bright futures. The LeBron James Family Foundation is one of the biggest, if not, the biggest success in giving back to the community that shaped him to be as great of a person and basketball player that he is. LeBron James, like most NBA players, is heavily involved in the NBA Cares Program. According to the NBA.Com website,” NBA Cares is the league’s global community outreach initiative that addresses important social issues such as education, youth and family development, and health and wellness. The NBA, its teams, and players support a range of programs, partners and initiatives that strive to positively impact children and families worldwide.” LeBron is an extremely active and giving participant in the program and has helped to build new playgrounds for needy kids