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Since my tenth grade year of high school which was in August 2010-2011 I came to the conclusion that I wanted to attend college. Even though I played around my freshman year which was the most important year and counted the most I had to work hard on becoming the woman I wanted to be. After hearing so many people get put down about not going to college and being told that I wasn’t gone go to college neither I chose to prove everyone wrong. I started filling out college applications, scholarships, and many other aspects that would help me stay on the right track. I planned on going to college, studying sociology to become a social worker. After my high school year I decided to attend East Tennessee State University where I would accomplish my dreams. My mother always told me prove everybody wrong so that’s what I chose to do having that kind of mind frame made me think about hard work and dedication all the time. Hi, my name is Alicia Watkins also known as Beddy; I was born April 28 1995 in Chattanooga TN at Erlanger Hospital. I have three Sisters, two brothers, and several Nieces and nephews. I am the Youngest out of my brothers and sisters. As a little girl I have always wanted to be many things in life from modeling, dancer, singer, teacher, and etc. As I grew up I thought about which one would benefit me later on in life. My Parents told me do what you think is best for you baby girl and whatever makes you happy. Now that, I am at the point in life were I know what I want to do and have that certain mindset no one can tell me anything. I have accomplished my most important goal in life and that’s making me proud right along with my parents. At the age of 17 I Became a part time model and took modeling classes at Ambiance Talent & Modeling. After I Took modeling classes I built up me an Modeling portfolio so that I could send it off to different agency. Once that was done I had to choose between modeling or college I didn’t really know which one to choose because I wanted to do both but, at the same time I didn’t want no one judging me and down talking me because I didn’t attend college. My struggle began in Chattanooga TN, when my auntie died at a early age because of a bad heart attack, and my cousins were left under the care of our grandmother. Growing up I had a father figure in my life so it wasn’t that difficult. My mother strived hard to make ends meet just to provide for our needs. My mother and father income was enough. Even though it was enough my sisters got a job at the age of fifteen an fifteen, I had got a job at the age of fifteen to take care some of my own responsibilities to look out for myself. Both of my parents raised us my father was a producer and member of 2DieForEntertainment. My parents taught me how to stand up and fight. My family is the closest thing to me. Now I am seventeen years old and I would like to be the first in my family to attend a four year college pursuing a degree in Sociology.

During the struggle of the loss we had took our family was still standing strong, keeping they head up but still hurting in the inside. In my teenage years I started to realize a lot of things. I was working at New City Fellowship being an assistant coach for two years to help care of responsibilities. Although the money I earned was not significant it was enough for me to pay for things I needed and consequently ease some pressure off my mother. After school, I stayed and made up wok so my grades would be accurate.

Life became difficult in those days. We could barely live peacefully in our Woodlawn Apartments things wasn’t so good living out there. We heard gun shots every night, fights were every other day, and there were drug addicts walking up and down the street. So we shifted from one place to another. My parents depended on nobody. As I sat down and thought about things I