High School and Marmer Junior High Essay

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#707 - 11520 44 Ave
Ardack, Alberta T2M 9Z3
November 29, 2013

Mr. Oscar Tate
Marmer Junior High School
P.O Box 725
Hannah, Alberta T3N 0B4

Dear Mr. Tate:

My name is Samuel Lee, from Marmer Junior High School. I am writing to you, with the support of many other students, about the Green School Program for the school. This program interests me and the majority of the students in the school. We are exceedingly concerned with the wastes in the environment in our school and we would we like to participate and contribute to implement this beneficial program. We believe that there will be great benefits to help our environment. This is a step-forward to saving the environment to reduce impact on the earth, such as global warming. This program would help with it, increase school-wide participation, and conserve resources for our school. We are working on ideas for the program, such as, increasing awareness with daily announcements and presentations from expertise with knowledge for saving the environment. School participations, like, students planting trees and/or other plants. Installing more recycling bins for paper, can tabs, and/or bottles, resulting in decrease of waste. Print tests or assignments in smaller texts to have more room to put more information and include tasks for students, minimizing more papers to be used. Thus, saving more papers, which means, less trees will be cut. We know that some of these programs, like field