High School and Nice Clothes Essay

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When I read Dan Greenburg’s Sound and Fury I could think back when I experienced anger. I was no more than 15 or 16 and I had been dealing with this group of girls in my P.E. class at school. I don’t know why I had to be the one to be picked out to be picked on to me it was so childish because I know I didn’t do anything to them but only thing I could think of was jealousy. I lived with my grandparents I was spoiled I had whatever I wanted and more. I wore nice clothes and shoes. I hung with the popular people meaning we were involved in many school activities, after school programs and the administrators and teachers knew who we were. But it had gotten to the point where they were selling out in front of people and t would embarrass me and I knew if I acted out it would have an effect on how people would look at me from then on. SP I ignored them every time. So one day I was at my locker and one of the girls made it her business to bump me, I didn’t do nothing I waited until she was around a group of people like they done to me and I confronted her and it escalated to me putting my hands in her face. Knowing I shouldn’t have because I got expelled for 5 days, but it didn’t stop there the other friends wanted to get me because I had bothered there friend. So when I came back to school, I thought it was over next thing you know schools and I’m on the bus and I kind of noticed that our bus was more packed than it normally is. Not knowing she has let everyone know that we would be fighting at my bus stop so someone informed why she was there and what she had planned. So I went to confront her and we ended up fighting. I got suspended off the bus ad expelled from school again. So both times I was upset due to anger. Both times I let anger control my actions and I ended up putting my hands on someone else. This could have been avoided but I was tired of being embarrassed in front of my friends and classmates. And on the other hand I started thinking about how others would look at me for not saying anything back to them. So I was acting out so they would know I was.t scary by a long shot. Really I could of just asked the girls what was their problem towards me and we wouldn’t have had to do it in front of a lot of people to prove a point. Or I could of even went to the principle and let him knew that I was having some problems with a couple of girls in my P.E. class and he could of gotten all us together to get it resolved. I learned that just because someone has a problem with you, you don’t have to make a scene to prove a point to no one, because at the