High School and Professor Kohler English Essay examples

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Katie Johnston
Professor Kohler
English 092 Narrative
10 September 2013

My sophomore year of high school, I was forced to take a biology class and I knew I was going to have trouble with it. I attended Carmel high school in Carmel New York. I loved going to school, but for some reason I started to hate it because I knew I had to go through my biology class each day. Everyone is required to take a biology regent to advance on to your next science class. I was so worried because each day we would be learning and I would have no idea what was going on, for some reason I just couldn’t contain all this boring information in my head. We would take tests on every chapter and I would just barely pass. I decided to go get myself a tutor because I knew if I wasn’t prepared for this regent then I would fail and have to take biology all over again. The tutor barely helped, I started to not even care about passing anymore and figured I would just wing it on the regents. The time came for me to take this regents and it was just the beginning of the summer so my mind was completely in the wrong direction. After 3 hours of taking this test I honestly did not know how I did. I could have barely passed or I could have failed. It takes about a couple of days to find out your results. Exactly 3 days later, I got a call from my biology teacher; I knew this wasn’t good because they only call you if you have failed the regents. Indeed I was right, I failed. I was so disappointed in myself because I knew I could have pushed myself a little more to pass. My teacher gave me an opportunity to retake the test in august. I realized if I study and work hard toward this regent, I have a chance to pass. Sure enough I spent all my time studying every single day because I knew I couldn’t mess up again. August 5th came along and it was time for me to take another shot at this test. I had a good feeling about it. A couple days later I found out