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Homeschooling is damaging to children, family, and the community. Children lack socialization, it causes an emotional and financial drain on families, and the community because they lose funding for schools which in turn can cause loss of jobs for teachers, less supplies for schools or even schools shutting their doors. Children lack socialization because they usually only have a small amount of friends and they are shunned by their peers that go to private or public school. They do not have the opportunities to interact like they would in school ( and that is important for developmental health and the development of social skills. John McCallum, 20, of Wheaton IL said he valued his homeschooling but would like to have had more social interaction with people his own age. He stated, "I do not date and this is something I attribute to homeschooling." They have little or no extracurricular activities, so they experience little teamwork. Some parent such as Mary Mellinger are pushing public schools to open their sports teams, clubs, music groups, and other extracurricular activities to homeschooled children.(NYTimes) If you do not want your children in school with these children why would you want them in sports with them. Brian Barnhart, assistant superintendent of 3250 students at Lampete-Strasburg School District said the school board remained unconvinced that homeschooled children could be held to the same standards as public school students. They are a reward for students who are complying and working through school. (NYTimes) 92% of superintendents believe home learners are emotionally unstable, deprived of proper social development, and too judgmental of the world around them, according to a California study by Dr. Brian Ray. As to the community, funding for schools is lost. Maricopa AZ has approximately 7000 homeschooled students which is only 1.4% of school age kids but it means $35 million less for the county in per pupil funding. And Florida has 41128 homeschooled students losing $130 million from their school budgets. (Time) With that loss of funding it is inevitable that teachers will lose jobs and the schools lose funding for supplies. And although the parents have good educational qualifications, that does not make him or her a good teacher, they are not trained to teach.

Most school districts frown on home schooling so the is no curriculum given to the parent. You can go onto the school or county website and print out a curriculum. The following is some examples from the Hancock County Board of education.

Third Grade Mathematics | Third grade objectives extend the students’ mathematical skills and concepts through concrete experiences and appropriate technology. These concepts and operations include: whole number operations; comparing and ordering numbers to hundredths and ten thousands; fractions and decimals; recall of multiplication facts with corresponding division facts. Additional concepts include gathering and organizing data, estimating and performing measurements. The West Virginia Standards for 21st Century Learning include the following components: 21st Century Content Standards and Objectives and 21st Century Learning Skills and Technology Tools. All West Virginia teachers are responsible for classroom instruction that integrates learning skills, technology tools and content standards and objectives. |

That lack of training leads to stress. Stress over being with the child 24/7, they lose patients with the child. Stress financially because one parent has to stay