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Assignment background: Effective writers vary their sentence construction so that their writing is not a long series of simple “statements” like this: I grew up in Pasadena. I attended Pasadena High School. I did not understand the growth mindset. I was a very lazy student. I barely graduated from high school in 2012. I decided not go to college right away. I am a college student now.
Although all the sentences are grammatical, the paragraph is very choppy.
Definition: A compound sentence is created by joining two independent clauses with a comma and a “Coordinating Conjunction.”Coordinating Conjunctions: It might help you to remember the word “FANBOYS”
(ForAnd NorBut OrYet and So).
Note: “For” is not commonly used as coordinating conjunction. Be careful not to overuse ‘And’ when there might be a better conjunction that expresses the meaning of the sentences more effectively. Your teacher can provide examples.
Purpose: To give you an effective method to write more interesting sentences and show how the ideas in two sentences relate to each other. For example, in the following compound sentence, you can easily see how the second sentence is a consequence of the first.
I stayed up late playing video games, so I missed my 7:00 AM class.
Task: Start by completing the five sample sentences.
Sample Sentences:
Directions: Choose the coordinating conjunction that best links the two sentences.
1. I barely graduated from high school in 2012, _____ I decided