High School and Smart Person Essay

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People are arguing about cheating in schools, should it be allowed or should it not be? Schools should not allow cheating. Children that are cheating are just too lazy to do their work, and how are they supposed to do their tests? They can’t sit next to their friend and copy them word for word. Schools do not take cheating hard enough; it should be more punishable than substance abuse in the bathrooms. If it’s allowed in high schools kids are going to think that it is okay, and they are going to do it in college then they are going to be kicked out.
Cheating is an easy way to an A. If schools were to allow cheating I think there would be a big jump in student grades. We all know that one really smart person in your grade, and you ask them for his or her paper all the time. You say you are just checking your answers, but really you are coping whatever they have as their answers. A kid that doesn’t regularly do their homework is going to do anything in their power to get the best grade possible with the least amount of work put forward, the way to do that is cheating.
In schools there is always going to be cheating, there really is no way of putting a complete stop to it. Students do not realize that schooling now is really going to determine what kind of job you are going to get in the future. Kids now days are lazy and are going to slack off, and they don’t care. Cheating is wrong, how are these kids ever going to learn anything for the life ahead of them if they have