High School and Time Essay

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Brian Maskell
English Composition 101
Summary and Response During the reading of “Study: Students Need More Paths to Career Success,” by Christine Armario, lots of comparisons from my own experiences as well as others that I knew had come to mind. Throughout the article, there were a lot of questions that came to mind not only about the premise behind this, but also about my own lifestyle. The future can be a scary thing especially when four years until graduation seems so close, yet so far away. With what seems to be the most important decision of a students’ career college can be very intimidating. Should I go to a four year university or possibly a trade school where I can get some on the job experience? Or maybe further education isn’t even the right route for me to take. This all has to be chosen at the right time or you may find yourself stuck in a spot you don’t want to be in. Everything happens for a reason, but it all seems to go right at the right time given you’re willing to put the work in. Time management is key to a successful experience no matter where you are.
Managing your time is not all about having a set schedule of what to do and when to do it. Time management could be as simple as setting your priorities to what is going to keep you successful. Speaking from experience I know that it can be difficult to say no to going out and having a nice bonfire on a Friday night so that you can study or be up in time for your apprenticeship, but unfortunately it is decisions like these that can make or break your success in secondary education. You need to properly manage your time for fun and time for play. When you are able to set your priorities straight, you can easily manage your time between certain hours in the day to either study and do homework, or take some time to relieve some stress and partake in one of your hobbies. Alone with managing your time between social life and school life, you also need to manage your time between your classes.
Whether you’re in a trade’s school or in a four year university, you’re going to stay very busy with what you’re doing throughout your time. Personally I am taking 15 credit hour of school two days a week and this doesn’t leave much time on these two days to do any extra studying. When you’re on a tight schedule like myself, sometimes you have to plan accordingly and are only able to study for a certain class as opposed to all five. Staying up to date on your syllabus and preparing for when your upcoming big point assignments are going to be essential for success. There isn’t much of a point to study much for a fifteen point quiz you have in a week if you have a one-hundred point test the following day at eleven in the morning. Of course, it is going to be necessary to study for all of your classes or programs, but you have to plan accordingly. Planning for success isn’t all about the classes and studying though. Everyone needs a little bit of time to themselves or with the people they love.
Stress will pile up on everyone, that’s a given. But the ones who are truly successful are going to overcome the stressors of life and everyone has a