High School and Unemployment Skye Rocketing Essay

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With unemployment skye rocketing could you imagen applying for a job in this ecomomy without college degree? employers seek well educated individuals who are capable of meeting the demands of the futur. thats why making the distion to earn my g.e.d was a challenging and rewarding expierence.

one of the most rewarding expierences was making my family proud by becoming the first to enroll for college, My mom dropped out at young age to take care of my sister and i, With out a college degree she is unable to get a well paying job and stuggles month to month. My sister as well as my mom dropped out of high school, seeing me earn my g.e.d and how entoseastic i was about futuring my education inspired her to go back to school an recieve hers. My entire family encourages me to continue on the path to earning a degree and reassures me everyday how proud they are of me.

Earning my g.e.d was the start to building a better life for myself. While attending classes to help prepair for the test i learned to be responsible and work hard to accomplish the things i want. There was no school bus that came to pick you up and dropped you off, and with my mom's busy scheduel it was up to myself to make it to class and on time. The teachers were there to help you but they didnt instuct on a daily basses. the resposibilty was completely on me to finish my assignments and stay focused on my goal.

Now that i have succsessfully earned my my g.e.d i can move futur ahead to…