Essay on High School and Woburn Memorial High

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Should modern technology, such as the Ipad, replace or supplement all books in high school? Modern technology such as Ipads must replace all books in Woburn Memorial High School. There are many reasons that textbooks are an outdated model in the 21st century. Ipads are much more portable, create less paper waste, and are a more economical way to update materials. Normally, a book weighs 5 pounds, are not too bad to carry. At Woburn High, carrying one or two textbooks is very vexatious because of the complexity and size of the school. Out of the five main subjects, two of them bring require students to bring home a book, expecting the ponderous books to be lugged back to school daily. During a study hall, it is extremely irritating to not have access to a book. Instead of carrying several 5lb books back and forth, a 1.5lb Ipad is a lot more convenient. Ipads allow students to begin and complete work without wasting time or energy. Ipads provide students with portable access to multiple books within the same device. Local district high schools such as Bedford, Burlington, and Lexington have mandated policies where every student takes responsibility for an Ipad. The initial benefit is that the paper waste would be minimal. Trees all around the world are being cut down for paper products and textbooks for schools are a huge contribution. Getting Ipads would not only be useful to Woburn High students, but would benefit area schools that are under budgetary restraints. The cash strapped schools could be the recipient of Woburn Memorial High School’s used textbooks, either as a reduced rate or as a donation. Some subjects, including math and…