High School Autobiography

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It all started on Long Island, New York. I was born into a family of four; my two parents, my brother, and me. Growing up was as typical as any other family. I sailed through elementary school and enjoyed my simple, carefree life. Then in middle school, my parents got divorced. I moved in with my mother and left the world I knew behind to move to a new town and school. I was forced to make new friends in an exotic school of strangers, and at the same time, I watched my parents fight constantly and put me in the middle of it.. At first, it was difficult, but I managed to make new friends and to get over the harsh divorce, and soon everything felt normal again. The next few years were average. I finished middle school, and eventually made it to high school. …show more content…
I joined theatre, despite the stigma that there is with boys and acting, and I really enjoyed it. I learned new lessons each time I portrayed new characters, and I learned to be exceptionally confident. I even got a job and started to able to buy things with my own money, which gave me a sense of independence. Then, one night I came home from work and my mother was gone. With no word, my mother had abandoned me. I stayed with my aunt for a few months and eventually moved into my father's house. At the same time I moved into my father's, he was going through a divorce with his second wife. After living in my father's house for two months, we moved out, leaving his second wife behind. All of this change and movement was in a short amount of time, a little under a year, and it left me with much confusion and sadness. My mother had abandoned me and I had moved multiple times all while dealing with the pressures of school and work. After junior year, things began to settle down again, and since then, everything has been