High School Baseball Personal Statement

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From quite a young age I was encompassed by an environment at home that sparked my true interest in the various ways of successful business operations. When high school began it was difficult for me to take into account the real reasons for my own education. The structure that high school was presented in was not appealing to me. I had become accustomed to the routine of club baseball and that is truly all I ever wanted to do. During the time of me entering high school, baseball had become my life. I was attending three hours of baseball practice four times a week and that’s not including the games during the weekend. High school was difficult for me, I struggled with my grades almost every semester. At the time the only thing that I wanted …show more content…
I started to slowly realize that down the road I needed education to get me where I wanted to be; not baseball. During my senior year I began to receive scholarships from a few different colleges around the local area. I was beginning to realize that I had begun to lose the love, passion, and drive I had for baseball because of the fact that I was constantly training and had been playing for the better part of my life. The decision for me was extremely difficult, one of the hardest I’ve ever had to make. I had transitioned my thinking from baseball being my priority in life to education. I was so caught up in baseball that when I finally decided to turn the corner and start putting the dedication that I had for baseball towards my school work I saw the immediate change. When I entered college I knew right away that I could conform to that schedule much better than I did with high school. With baseball out of the way I now could focus on furthering my education at the college level. One of the most difficult and trying times for me spanned between my freshman year of high school until my junior year. My freshman year of high school my parents got