High School Dropouts Essays

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Why High School Student’s Dropout and places they will most likely end up Most high school students drop out because their parents dropped out of high school and now they are forced to drop out as well as their younger siblings. Most high school graduates get more jobs and more job opportunities than high school drop-outs do. I think it is a good idea to stay in school and not drop out, go to college, and give their children the best education that they can and I will advise parents to teach their children how to talk,say their ABC’s, and how to read instead of teaching these younger kids how to cuss because they will end up being a high school drop-out, bad influence, or get kicked out of school based on what you have taught your little ones. Now is the time to teach them things that can be used for school. I don’t think you want a stranger to come up to you and say your child is a class clown and is a bad influence on my kids and students. But some of you ignorant parents will get mad at the teacher and call them all these uncalled for names such as cuss words. Cuss words are not very professional things to use or say around your kids. Typically, little kids are the ones who cuss the most out of teenagers and grown-ups. I personally advise you to step up and teach your kids good habits to use and school not bad habits. Also, most high school drop-outs are females and this happen because they give their lives to these men and end up pregnant. Pregnancy is nothing to play with because I’ve seen kids that are the ages of 10-13 to have babies and they can’t take care of themselves and that one baby will cause their education to go south. I personally think that I will not drop-out of school because there are 2 places you will end up prison or dead. The three reasons of why high school students are as followed: Parent Engagement, Academic Performance, Family Economic Needs. Boredom is another reason why many teens drop out of high school before graduation day. Being bored day in and day out can get frustrating, often so frustrating that a teen will simply stop going to school. Poverty causes many teens to drop out of school. Teens might be forced to drop out of school in order to get a job and support their families. Other teens might drop out because their family can’t afford school supplies, uniforms, and etc. Another reason teens might drop out is because they don’t have enough to have funds.