High School Program Coordinator Essay

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1) Why are you interested in becoming our High School Program Coordinator?
The High School Leadership Program is something I would have loved to be a part of as a teenager. For me. that is the litmus test for youth programs that I want to lead: would I have joined as teen? Leadership programs, like this one, helped instill in me a sense of purpose, empowerment, and service. Any time I have the chance to instill a similar foundation in local youth, I jump at it.

2) What are you passionate about?

I am very passionate about social justice, education, community support, and human rights.

3) What other work are you doing that would allow you to take on this part time position?

I am a program administrator at Paragon Testing Enterprises.
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I am excellent at time management and would ensure that the High School Leadership Program has as much of my attention as it needs.

5) Please tell us about any leadership experience that you have.

As a youth myself, I participated in the Vedder Middle School Leadership Program, the YMCA Youth Development Program, and the Sardis Secondary Leadership Program. As an adult volunteer, I lead the YMCA Youth Development Program. I was also the volunteer Program Coordinator for Cedar Kids, a youth mentorship program for aboriginal youth in the Vancouver. In terms of facilitation, I have lead workshops for MYK Enterprises Ltd, YMCA of Greater Vancouver, Cedar Kids, and Douglas Park Community Centre.

6) If you have any experience in fundraising or marketing, please explain.
For the Royal Roads University Peer Support Program, I organized community events, such as Women in Hats, to raise awareness around gendered violence and managed volunteers at the events. I was also involved in the marketing said events through social and print media.
For the Great Island Run, a fundraiser to benefit St Mary’s Hospital, I acted as volunteer team leader and project assistant. I contributed to the marketing team through social media efforts, and radio and print