High School Reflection Paper

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High School Reflection Paper
Dylan Sharkey
Mosinee High School
Since I have been in high school for four years now, I have learned many things about life, education, and my future. During my time here at Mosinee High I have been involved in everything I wanted to be in. This has given me a great high school experience. I also believe working has given me as much of an experience as any sport or club I was in did. I have been working since I was 14 and have learned many real life skills that have impacted me and my decisions throughout everything I do. Three things that I have learned a lot about in high school are; independence, responsibility, and my future. I became independent by getting a job and paying my own bills and for things I want. I gained some responsibility by being pushed to turn in my homework in on time, which I’m still working on perfecting that trait. Here I have come to realize what career path I want to take and I am working to develop that. The most valuable experience I have learned in high school would be my future thru school subjects and classes that I have enjoyed. The classes I have learned the most in would be welding and manufacturing. These classes are very important to me because I want to become a welder, it also has granted me many opportunities like being able to attend NTC part time for a welding degree. Some advice I would give to a freshman to help them succeed would be; turn in your homework on time and complete, study for