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Aerika Miles
Method to the Madness A severe outbreak of public civilian shootings have been wide spread across our country over the past several decades. As murders of all kind have been present throughout the history of man's existence, it is troubling that innocent bystanders are being murdered for no reasonable explanation in today's society through what we classify as public shootings. Unfortunately these disasters are found any and everywhere from schools and movie theatres, from parks to public events such as marathons. By no means do I agree that anyone has the right to go out and murder strangers they have never met because they are angry but if we delve into the lives of the deranged psychopaths that commit these crimes, I believe it would evoke a wakeup call to our American media and how society is portrayed. Columbine High School was a center for educational excellence where the young minds of today would become the bright minds of tomorrow. That was until the catastrophic shooting that took place there that tragic day in April of 1999; where one of the most violent American school shootings took place. Fifteen student deaths and over twenty injuries later, the brave police and firefighters discovered over ninety-nine explosives around the school with weapons scattered throughout. The boys who initiated the massacre, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, were severely picked on at school. Day in and day out the two were constantly bullied, ranging from tampons given to them that were drenched in ketchup insinuating the female menstrual cycle, from being called faggots because they hung out with each other since they had very few friends. Teachers reportedly knew about the torment these two would go through but did very little to nothing to aid the boys. That torment started from the early ages in elementary school. A common pastime enjoyed by family and friends in our country is a night out at the movies. Fanatics will buy their tickets to a blockbuster event many months in advance to be the first to screen the debut premiere. However, in Colorado, with the premiere of the new Batman sequel that night in July, James E. Holmes brought it upon himself to commit acts of terror upon an auditorium full of people who he had never known. The maniac killed 12 people and injured over 70 people,