High School Sports In Schools

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Over the years, many districts have been dealing with problems that have to do with school sports. Studies have shown that children who participate in these activities have seen a decrease in their grades. Therefore, districts should eliminate extra-curricular sports to remove distractions on children’s education, prevent financial problems, and help these student athletes keep their academics on track.

Although high school sports have been a tradition for many years, the education of children is far more important. According to an article by Amanda Ripley, Premont Independent School District made these adjustments and witnessed 80% more students passing their classes (10). She goes on to state that over twenty nations have received higher graduation rates after canceling athletics (Ripley 10). These changes have been very successful for districts that have made the risk to take away sporting activities. This may be a rough decision for almost any school with this idea, but the statistics have shown significant improvements.
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Amanda Ripley stated that the combination between bleachers and a grass field can cost over 520,000 dollars (10). In addition, schools also have to pay for security, meals, hotels, bus rides for the band, and cheerleaders, equipment, and painting the field (Ripley 10). Although sports are very important, the money that districts are paying for athletics can be used for many other things that can improve a student's education. At the end of the day, no school wants to be put in a position where they are in debt which is why sports should be