High School Student Dropouts In Urban Communities

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In this assignment you will continue to develop the underlying ideas of your research proposal, with a focus on a detailed description of the data collection method. This assignment does not need to be in full paragraphs.

1. Summarize the topic of your research and your hypotheses or research questions. Explain why you think the hypothesis is true or what you think the answer to the question will be and why.

My research question is : What are the contributing factors of High School student dropouts in Urban Communities? I believe that family and school play a big part in the decision to drop out of school. If a child does not come from a family that is on task and actually care about the child's progress in school then this can really affect
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This is one of the reasons why i chose this method it is a way to learn about people and be able to see their facial expressions. This is the good part about talking face to face, sometimes facial expressions tell you more than the words the person is speaking. “ Web surveys have become an increasingly useful survey method for two reasons: growth in the fraction of the population using the internet and technological advances that make web survey design relatively easy. Many specific populations have very high rates of internet use, so a web survey can be a good option for groups such as professionals, middle-class communities, members of organizations, and, of course college students” ( Schutt, …show more content…
In order to really understand why people choose to drop out of High School i feel i need to have a real conversation with them. this is a personal conversation so i think it is important that the person actually sees the face of the person trying to get information from them. I would want to use the surveys to narrow down my participants and also to get the opinion of school personnel. i would want to know how the Principal, Teachers, Social worker and other school staff feels about this topic.

5. According to the book and class discussion what are some of the key choices you have to make concerning your use of the chosen method? I have to decide what questions I will ask in order to get the answers I am seeking. I have to be sure to ask every possible question when it comes to my topic. I also have to figure out will there be some kind of incentive for completing the survey portion of my method.
6. At this point in your planning, what decisions have you made about those choices?
I have made up some really good questions for my interview and survey. I believe they will help me to get the answers i am