High School vs College Essay

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Beulah Dyer

November 26, 2012

Jason Dye

High school and college are very different educational environments. First of all, college is an optional choice while high school is mandatory. Also, the price is very different. High school is free, unless you attend a private school, while college, public or private, is very expensive. In high school, you hang out with friends. In college, you can live with friends or even complete strangers if you live on campus in the dorms. This also affects your network of friends. In high school, you are close with people very similar to you. In college, you meet people of all ages and ethnicities, broadening your network of friends. Since you have more freedoms, you can also choose whatever you want to do for your extracurricular activities. In high school, you can join clubs or play sports. In college, you can do the same, while working a job or just working out in the school’s gym. Looking at the actual learning environment you can see that high school and college are still very different. In high school, you are given a set schedule of classes, from the morning to the afternoon. In college, you pick your classes and time you prefer, from morning to night to once a week or even online. Also the workload is very different. Homework in high school is usually everyday while college is more studying for big exams that can cover the whole semester. This also means while in college, you manage your own time.