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Lucy Kanu
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November 18,2014

The benefits of having high skilled immigrants in the United States

Every year, people from all over the world migrate to the United States for better opportunities, but immigration laws are holding them back. The government is enforcing laws that prevent immigrants from achieving their goal. of success. The government is making it very difficult for foreigners to start over and become American citizens. Why is it difficult to live up to the expectations of being a free country? As America’s technology progresses over the years, other countries remain at a standstill in this department. Presently, there are some countries who are corrupt, poor, or in some kind of bad government. Immigration is a controversy that the entire world is conflicted with. For years people have been questioning whether having high skilled immigrants positively or negatively affects American society. The obvious answer is that having high skilled immigrants migrating to the United States is not harmfully affecting the country. This allows the United States to hire workers for less pay, have workers who understand the concept of work ethic, and help an individual make a life for themselves which is what america is all about. This is why I believe Encouragement for high skilled Immigrant workers in the United States helps contribute to the nations skills,knowledge, and labor across the economy.

High skilled immigrants will not take jobs from Americans instead they will create jobs that help complement the skills of the United States native workforce.According to Daniel Allot
“Native born Americans start fewer businesses than immigrants in fact they were half as likely as foreign­born Americans to start a new business in 2011.” The United States economy has been a roller­coaster over the years, but contributions by the generations of high skilled immigrants has helped America construct our economy. High skilled immigrants have helped by building new businesses and creating jobs for American workers. For example, most local consumer goods stores are owned by immigrants. If you go to New York, there are many Italian restaurants that

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were founded by Italian immigrants that are passed on to new generation. Without them, people who cannot get high paying jobs are still able to be employed.

With the United States workforce becoming older and better educated , research shows that the largest generations of Americans known as the “ baby boomers” will be retiring soon between now through 2016 according to the US Chamber Of Commerce .The retirement of the largest generation of Americans will create many job openings and with the loss of the “ baby boomers” high skilled immigrants and their childrens will play a big role in reshaping the workforce.Replacing the baby boomers through 2016 is expected to generate 33.4 million job openings while economic growth is expected to create an additional 17.4 million job openings
(US Chamber Of Commerce). Jobs that the baby boomers will leave behind will be jobs in all sectors of the economy at all skills which is why with the baby boomers retiring we will need high skill immigrants to replace them.

Looking back in history the high skilled immigrants created many inventions that we use daily. for example Alexander Graham Bell from Scotland came to America in 1870s and was able to create the telephone(PBS) . We also have Andrew Carnegie and his family who escaped scotland to avoid poverty he was then able to help build the formidable American steel industry(PBS). These immigrants I mentioned above came from nothing and later on in life they became more successful than some native born citizens. We shouldn't judge a person by the texture of their hair and the color of their skin simply because of where their born because at the end of the day everyone has a story and