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High Society, The life of Grace Kelly
Donald Spoto This biography is about Grace Kelly, a wonderful actress in the 50s and still to this day a great actress. Grace Kelly was born November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia, she live there with her very wealthy catholic family, she enjoyed her upbringing as a high class girl. She had other siblings a brother I believe and a sister. Her parent always thought that it would be her sister who would make it in the modeling/acting business because grace was such an awkward child. Despite how awkward she might have been Grace had everything a girl could dream of, gorgeous looks, wealth family, and the perks that came with it all. With her good looks she was able to make a spot for her name in Broadway. She was very much influenced by her uncle George Kelly who was a playwright. Graces family, her mom being cold and disapproving and her dad a successful man did not approve of Kelly’s choice to be an actress. Grace Kelly graduated from American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York at the age of nineteen. Kelly then went on to star in a handful of classic films such as The Country Girl which she won an Academy award, High Society which stared Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby and Three films with Alfred Hitchcock: Dial M for Murder, Rear Window, and To Catch a Thief . Kelly left show business to marry Prince Rainier III of Monaco, After she was married she devoted her short life to raising her children.
This book is about the life of Grace Kelly as the book tittle states. Its about an aspiring young, beautiful, wealthy actress whose parents do not approve of her career choice to be an actress. Spoto (the author) is very interested in relationship between Hitchcock and his muse, he had a possessive, unreturned passion for the beautiful actress. Its also about how Grace Kelly stopped being an actress to get married and make her children her whole life.this book starts off with Kelly and how she go into Broadway and became an actress with the help of her uncle George Kelly. It then goes to talk about her life working with Mr. Hitchcock. Grace became frind with Josephine Barker. Barker was involved in the struggle for desegragation and the fight against racism in America. They became friends when Grace was at the same club as Miss. Barker, grace was so mad about the racism that was diplayed that she quickly rushed over to Barker took her by the arm and stormed out, Kelly said she would never return and she didn’t. Grace Kelly became involved with Gene Lyons, they had an eighteen-month romance. She also had relations with Don Richardsons. They were both married men. MCA offered Kelly a contact and at first Kelly refused because she did not like the idea of being “owned” . and she thought that by signing she would sabotage her career. MGM offered her a seven year contract, she signed on with the condition that she gets to stay in Manhattin every other year so that she could pursue her stage work. Grace Kelly was good friend with the Kennedys; she even visited John F. Kennedy in the hospital after he had a surgery called a lumber fusion. Grace had written a letter to Prince Rainier III to thank him for welcoming her. And Prince Rainier wrote her to thank her as well. This is when they started to write each