Teaching As A Professional Career

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Teaching as a Professional Career
Jamie Miles
May 21, 2011
Susan Clark

Teaching as a Professional Career
List 3-5 factors that define teaching as a professional career. Elaborate on how these factors are employed by teachers on a daily basis.
The three factors that I will be choosing is the emphasis on decision making, reflection, and autonomy. The first factor is about teachers making decision in complex and ill-defined situations. With this factor, it helps you decide what kind of teacher you want to become. The second factor involves making a number of decisions but most of them are reduced to simple rules. Reflection means the act of thinking about what you are doing. The reflective teachers are self-critical about their teaching. Reflection is important because it teaches not only it improves our effectiveness as teachers but it also helps us develop as professionals. The third factor deals with the authority to make decisions based on their specialized knowledge. Many professionals require autonomy. The lack of autonomy makes teachers technicians instead of professionals. An example would be that no set standards mandate specific treatments or medications; doctors are given the authority to treat patients as they see fit (see reference). Reflection provides opportunities for teachers to think about and improve their practice. In conclusion, I believe that teachers use all the factors in order to become a professional and make sure that the students see fit that they get an education.

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