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To: Global Initiative Committee
From: D6, Shujiao Pan
Date: January 16th, 2013
Re: Ideas for Improving the Global Education of Undergraduate LCB Students

In terms to provide much better international education for undergraduate LCB students, I have some ideas that are low cost and more beneficial for undergraduate students. The first suggestion of mine is that pay more attentions on study abroad. And the second one is encouraging to use digital learning method.

Study Abroad
The best and easy way for people to get to know different cultures is going to study abroad, especially have life experiences there. It is true that the information on papers does not describe the exactly situations in different countries. Therefore, I think undergraduate students need more opportunities to study abroad and have more experiences there. For existing study-abroad system of LCB, here are my recommendations to improve the quality and efficiency of the system:

* Increase the chance of exchange agreements with foreign partner colleges. * Offer long-term study abroad program for freshman and sophomore. * Add extra credits for study-abroad courses. * Create continuing global education program, which is aimed to respond to the effect after study abroad. * Opportunities not only for students but also for faculty and stuff are that visit partner college by project or academic research. * Ensuring the quality of learning and individual life experiences.

This can be a great approach for undergraduate students to expend their global study experiences and understand global business information. Additionally, this method can encourage students, faculty and staff to pay more attentions on international courses in order to increase their incentives to get in touch with international business studies. Moreover, the exchange study abroad program helps LCB to attract foreign students and professors. It avoids LCB to pay more money for academic communication in other countries.

Digital Learning
Nowadays, students have applied more technological access to tie up with college education. The purpose to enhance global education can be solved by digital method. Like blackboard, almost all course information has been posted on blackboard or sent by email. Otherwise, every student need to open school website each day. As the development of business is growing fast, e-commerce