Higher Future Earning Essay

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A college education is a long term investment. Attending college can lead to a greater choice of job and higher future earning. Also, enrolling for college let us experience a rich and divers cultural and social scene by meeting a variety of people while studying something we love. With a keen lifelong interest in economics and management I have become committed to securing a career in the world of business . To achieve my ambitions, I am currently looking to join a college that will give me an excellent grounding in the core areas of business studies, including: strategic planning, business law and human resource management.
My previous studies in economics helped me choose this path for my future studies. I was also inspired by my uncle, who is my role model. He owns and runs a small but successful retail business back home and I used to help him as little as I could during the summer terms. Since childhood I was mesmerized by my uncle's superb ability to solve problems and manage resources efficiently. I have always wanted to be like him. Now I know that these skills are not acquired only through determination, experience and hard work, but also through thorough study.
In the pursuit of my ambitions I have been faced with many options as to what course and college to choose. I am looking for a course that prepares for employment and career progression as much as it helps progressing into higher education. I am also inclined to choose a college where every