Essay Higher Payment

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Most employees are hoping to receive more payment from their employers when they feel that their contributions to the company are good enough. In this recession, most employers want to save their money much more than usual and they rarely want to increase the payment for the employees. However, getting a higher payment is not impossible if you follow these stages.
In the first stage, you need to double-check how much the payment should be for positions like yours. Then, check carefully the amount of money you usually receive from your employer in a time unit. In addition, you should check the company's policies concerning to salary and promotion again to find out if your current payment is suitable for you or not.
In the next stage, it's very useful to prepare the persuadable proof about your achievements in comparison with your job description in your position in the company. You need to figure out the extra work that you contribute to your job. After that, consider how much money is good for your current job taking into account the extra time you put into your job.
In the final stage, you should try to prepare some good skills and background knowledge to deal with your boss. During the time of meeting with your boss, you need to show your boss your reasons for your desire to be paid more in your current job. Try your best to prove your achievements to your boss by using persuadable documentary evidence you have prepared previously.…