My High School Journey

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Lakhari Hunt
30 January 2015 My High School Journey People say that “your high school years are the best years of your life”. Eh. Thats slightly true. For me, it was my senior year. The previous three were hell. High school was everything you could possibly imagine. Gossiping girls, mystery lunches, gossiping girls, weird teachers, gossiping girls, hot guys, oh and gossiping girls! To say the least I am not a fan of gossiping girls, or gossip. Especially when being the topic of discussion. In light of my very dramatic description, the food wasn't always a mystery. But, however, I did get bullied a lot. No one has the same high school experience, though at some point fitting in and finding yourself becomes an issue. Those two were very big issues for me. I spent my freshman-junior years of high school at a Career High school, a somewhat private school that only had career based electives, no sports and professionalism as the dress code. A fifteen year old’s dream right? I barely knew anyone, all of my friends had gone to the “normal” high school and I was stuck being an outcast at a school where I was forced to dress like a kindergarten school teacher. I was not happy at all. One thing that I've learned is that drama is experienced by everyone. There are decent people who experience it and try to avoid it, and then there are not so decent people who experience it and think its the greatest ever, and stir up more. Unfortunately for me, the school I went to, had a lot of not so decent people and desperately trying to fit in, I blended right on in with 1 them. Until one day the tables turned and it wasn't my friends and I talking about people, it was my friends and people talking about me. And all the friends i thought I had, I didn’t. By junior year, I had completely changed as a person, I wasn’t myself anymore. I started getting in trouble at school, my grades were terrible, I’d have anxiety attacks , I was self conscious about everything, etc. My parents started realize this around the same time as my GPA did. Too late. At least I thought, it was about to be my senior year and I hadn’t applied to any colleges, my grades weren't looking good, and I had no friends! All of this came into realization one day, and I knew I needed to change, before it really was too late. After weeks of begging and persuasion, my parents finally let me transfer schools. I had never been so relieved and excited so much in my life. I was ecstatic about transferring schools, but the kids at my school took joy in trying to take that away. I got called a coward, weak, and was told that I was running away from my problems, when in reality, I just wanted a clean slate. I just wanted to have