Highschool: Education and General Idea Essay

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High school is crazy but so am I. I’ve got a lot of qualities and a general idea of high school plus some education goals for the year that I hope I am able to achieve. First of all, I have a lot of good and bad personal qualities. Some good ones are that im a great learner and I always have been since I was little. I tend to catch on to things really quickly so that helps me to do really well in all of my classes. Some bad qualities that I have are that I can’t really pay attention in class to well I, im a really bad test taker and a lot of the time I don’t do homework when I need to. Next, I have set a couple of education goals for myself this year so I will be able to succeed. This year in school I am striving to do well so that im able to go to the college that I want to go to when I finish high school. School is really important for you to be able to go somewhere in life, school is a great place to learn people skills and the other life lessons. Finally, my outlook on high school is that it is very important for us to attend every day and actually learn something so that you wont have to live in your parent’s basement when you finish school. School isn’t just here to torcher you everyday with boring lessons it here to help us achieve educational goals so we can succeed in something. School is going to be fun yet crazy at the same time it will be a big learning experience! I have tones of good qualities and some bad, a general idea of high school is