Hiking and Pct Essay

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SEPARATION 1. Call to adventure • The call to adventure begins about four years after Cheryl mother’s dies and her marriage fall apart. She decides she needs to start over again and begins her life-changing hike. She came across a book in outdoor store. As she was waiting in line. She begins thumbing through the book. This book was a guidebook for the PCT. 2. Refusal of the call • After waiting in line she puts the book back, telling her self various excuses as to why she cannot hike a trail as large as the PCT. Cheryl does not accept the call at first. Her call is rather an inside struggle between her common sense saying she should not begin a hike and her more adventurous side saying she should start something new and something life-changing. 3. Answering the call • She decided that the only way she will get out of her funk is to break out of her comfort zone. She returns to the outdoor store, buys the book, and begins preparing for her summer journey along the PCT 4. Supernatural aid • Talisman: Cheryl talisman us her pack, which she calls monster. Monster is an incredibly large hiking pack containing all the supplies Cheryl will need on her hike. I believe that monster represents the burden of her past life/ Although she will always carry her past with her. The future goes on the lightest it gets as does monster while she is hiking the PCT. • Cheryl does not have a mentor to guide her before her hike. But learns things as she travels on the trail. The people she meets also traveling the PCT are very friendly and are always ready to assist her. These people help Cheryl learn and manage her way better. • The threshold: While she is planning her long summer along the PCT , she being to realize how much work and how different life on the train will be as opposed to her normal life. This also represents her moving on from her old life. She had always been weighed down by her mothers death, and her cheating on her husband that she never got a chance to focus on herself. Crossing this threshold represents new beginnings.

INITIATION Road of trials : • Cheryl faces many challenges along the PCT, some being wild animals and lack of supplies such as food water and money. While hiking she travels through various climates including desert and winter withing couple days. There are also several instances of dehydration and starvation when she is not able to prepare enough supplies to carry her through to the next fuel stop. Battle : • Her inner battle is her struggle to find out who she really is. Her past may suggest otherwise but deep down she knows she is a good person and the goal of this whole trip is for her to understand, and to bring that person to the surface. Symbolic rebirth : • While on the trail,…