Hiking and Present Medical Condition Essay

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Personal Information
Name: Zoe Thacker
Age: 15
Height: 5’7
Weight: 125 lbs
Please answer using complete sentences.
1. What outdoor activities or hobbies do you enjoy? I enjoy walking, hiking, and swimming.
2. Why have you chosen to take Outdoor Education online? I moved in the middle of the year and this course gives me the second half of a PE credit that I need to have.
3. Write the pace you have selected to complete your course, and indicate your target completion date.
4. Share a funny or interesting story about yourself. Do you have a special talent? Have you traveled to a special place or met an interesting person? I’ve traveled to California to visit my dad twice, and we went hiking up in the mountains around where they live, in Mountain View, California, right outside of San Jose and San Francisco.
5. What type of job do you dream of having one day? I’d like to get a degree in psychology and become a criminal psychologist.
Health Status
1. Do you have any medical issues that would limit your participation in any physical activity? If yes, write a detailed explanation of the medical issue and the specific activities in which you cannot participate. No
2. Rate your present medical condition as excellent, good, fair, or poor. If you selected "fair" or "poor," explain why you have rated yourself in this way. I would say my present medical condition is good to fair, because I’m not extremely active, but I do participate in active activities.
3. How many days per week